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How to create great video with your smartphone

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Want to learn how to create great video content that will make an impact across social media using your mobile or tablet? This is the course for you.

Gone are the days when video was difficult to execute and expensive to produce. You can now create great, engaging social friendly content from your smartphone!

This hands-on session will teach you the skills you need to plan, shoot and edit great video content, all on your mobile, giving you the creative freedom to produce brilliant video content for your organisation at low cost.

What will the day cover?

  • The changing environment of video: where it has come from and where it is going alongside a look at the best video tactics of the moment that are driving engagement;
  • The basics of shooting video: planning your story, framing, narrative and audio techniques;
  • Practical exercises: covering planning, shooting and editing different styles of video all on your Android and iOS devices;
  • How to optimise video for social media including apps that give you creative freedom for great social video;
  • What you’ll need in your kit bag to be able to produce high quality video at low cost
  • Video and your STP: How the format of video can perfectly fit your STP communications and engagement aims and objectives.

We will teach you everything you need to know including how and where to find the editing functions within your phone so don’t worry; we don’t expect you to know the technology before stepping into the room!

Who is the day for?

If you’re looking to tell engaging stories about your organisation, event, campaign or project with great content at low cost, this mobile video session is for you. Colleagues from across the public sector are more than welcome. HR professionals and clinicians – come along. We can teach you about video for recruitment and patient information videos. Communications and Engagement folk, we know this course will be right up your street!

Cost: starting from £159 +VAT (location dependent)

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The experts

Will Barker @willdotbarker

Will is a content producer and mobile storyteller with a background in healthcare. Will has developed a load of techniques and tricks using only mobile to create great content at low cost, which is optimised for consumption across social media. Along with his skills he has a wealth of practical case studies to learn from.

Alex Talbott @a_double_tt

Alex is an #nhssm Orginial. Unlike the Vampire Diaries Originals this doesn’t give him super human powers and eternal life, but it does give him unrivalled knowledge and experience in how the NHS can, does and could use social media across commissioning and provider sectors. He’ll help make sure your video plans and skills fit the needs of your organisation’s objectives.