Curate the nhssm Snapchat account

Looking to get to grips with Snapchat, or want to help others learn from your Snapchat-mastery?

We’re looking for comms professionals to take control of the nhssm Snapchat account and Snap their day-to-day activities, getting to grips with how Snapchat works, seeing what tools are at your disposal to tell stories and having some fun along the way!


Snapchat. A platform no doubt that you’re either using, your kids are using, or have heard of and wondered what it was. Founded in 2011, it’s the mobile app that has taken the younger generation by storm. It allows users to share pictures, videos and chat messages – ‘Snaps’ – to users’ friends and followers.

If this sounds like something you’d like be involved with, get in touch with us here at