How to join a chat

Join the chat

To join the #nhssm chat every first Wednesday of the month (19:30-20:00 BST) sign in to your Twitter account and search for #nhssm. Then use the ‘Live’ or ‘All Tweets’ feeds to see all the tweets in the chat.

Get typing your thoughts, add the hashtag #nhssm and press tweet… and you’re off tweetchatting!

Hashtags are handy

Twitter chats work by collecting all the tweets which include a certain hashtag in one place. For us it’s #nhssm. Here’s a Twitter ‘widget’ which only shows tweets which include the #nhssm hashtag:

By putting #nhssm in to your tweet you’re contributing to the community and tagging that tweet as something to do with healthcare social media and digital communications. You can do this at any time, it doesn’t have to only be during the monthly chats.

You can find out more about using hashtags on Twitter’s support pages.

Web applications

We like to use TweetDeck to run and administer the chats. We find it helps pick up any tweets someone’s sent but forgot to add the hashtag to.

Other options exist such as Hootsuite and TweetChat. TweetChat adds the hashtag automatically which can be really handy, especially during busy chats.

We look forward to seeing you in the chats. If you would like any more support on how to join the chats please don’t hesitate in emailing us on