Chat Summary: How is your HR department treating social media? #nhssm

January 24th, 2013 by

Here’s a short write-up of this week’s chat to help people catch up.

We draft these posts live during the chat to save time and hopefully capture the most important points that people make. If you think we’ve missed something really important please add it in the comments below.

Please do pass this around to your colleagues and friends!

Main points of the discussion:
1. Guidance from @NHSEmployers helps give social media legitimacy
2. Social Media training as part of wider training competencies?
3. Social Media as part of the recruitment process
4. Challenges to progress: technological, cultural, legitimacy, navigating online personas and how these fit with corporate image.

Tweets of the evening
Caveat: not everything, just what we could keep up with!

BeveridgeNHSFT We’ve set up a fictitious Trust to demonstrate how social media and technology can be used to engage and attract new staff #nhssm

BeveridgeNHSFT This project is part of the Technology Expo that NHS NW are hosting in March at Mcr Airport- website is currently under construction #nhssm

NHSE_Dean @VictoriaBetton #nhssm I would also like to know what others would find useful? Is there more we can do?

VictoriaBetton @NHSE_Dean I think NHS Trusts and staff often seem to feel like they need permission – guidance helpful in that respect#nhssm

VictoriaBetton @NHSE_Dean also guidance gives status and credibility to #some – not just teenager stuff #nhssm

VictoriaBetton @Gemma_Finnegan @nhse_dean I think understanding#some will be essential to clinical work in due course #nhssm

barrylwood @Gemma_Finnegan @nhse_dean @victoriabetton advent of NHS Jobs 2 perfect time to combine recruitment & SoMe. #nhssm

Gemma_Finnegan @elinlowri Legitimacy will certainly grow and publications of guidance such as that produced by @nhsemployers will help #nhssm

@sarahkatenorman: Basic advice is: 1. Show employees the impact of social media 2. Provide examples 3. Share the impact #nhssm


@nhssm This wk’s #nhssm topic is: How is your HR dept treating social media? Pre-reading
@johnpopham Good evening. Im John and I run the Campaign for Free Wifi for Hospital Patients
KarimS3D @EHICCIOCampaign @victoriabetton @nhse_dean here are some examples via @JDementiaCare #nhssm#SocialMedia #dementia
DGFoord @Gemma_Finnegan Absolutely, article from 2011 still relevant today about NHS Staff use of Facebook #nhssm -
sarahkatenorman This is from 2010 #econsultancy but still has some interesting #e #hr topics #nhssm – was bleeding edge back then
DGFoord @VictoriaBetton Not a healthcare related one, but last year in the Times: #nhssm
@DGFoord I love @MayoClinic 12-word SoMe policy shared by @NHSE_Dean earlier this week #nhssm< simples!
RichesDaniel @NHSE_Dean @VictoriaBetton @Gemma_Finnegan SoMe recruitment very real aspect for us in JCP see @LondonJobsChat#nhssm



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